Supercar maker McLaren will receive £ 150m from the bank

Supercar maker McLaren will receive £ 150m from the bank

July 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British company is going through hard times for itself, being as close as ever to bankruptcy. A serious financial injection will help to correct the situation of the brand: McLaren received a large amount from the National Bank of Bahrain.

This year has “knocked down” many car manufacturers who are counting losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. At McLaren, for example, car sales collapsed and revenue from the Formula 1 team declined.

To correct the current crisis situation, the British decided to apply for a loan. McLaren even wanted to lay the headquarters building in Woking and a whole collection of historic race cars. To deal with all their losses, the company needed a serious amount: about 300 million pounds. The supercar manufacturer failed to get it from the government. However, a solution was found.

According to the publication Car and Driver, McLaren will receive 150 million pounds from the National Bank of Bahrain. This amount, of course, will not solve all the monetary problems of the British, but will help them avoid immediate bankruptcy. UK supervisory authorities have already approved the attraction of third-party financing, and all the necessary documents for this have been signed.

Earlier, our portal said that McLaren presented a special version of 720S called Le Mans Special Edition. The circulation of the special series will be limited to 50 copies, only 16 of them will go to Europe.