Superbike for military rides 200 km on a single charge

Superbike for military rides 200 km on a single charge

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The military is always ready to pay for the most powerful engines, batteries and an advanced transmission, Trefecta decided. Danish military personnel have already experienced a brutal electric bike during peacekeeping missions, and soon civilian buyers will have such an opportunity.

Danish startup Trefecta is not the most famous player in the electric bike market, but it is a company with many years of experience. The secret is that the creators found their ideal buyer – this is the military. They need a powerful and unpretentious means of transportation, and the issues of saving such customers, as a rule, are not of interest. However, the Danes will offer civilian customers a new version – the RDR electric bike.

The company indicates that its products passed tests in harsh conditions: in particular, Danish peacekeepers tested them during UN missions. Now all this experience, as well as a brutal design, is embodied in RDR.

The bike is assembled around a massive recognizable aluminum frame that houses perhaps the most capacious battery in the world of serial electric bicycles – 1400 Wh * h, providing up to 200 km of track. Other components are similar to it.

For example, the motor of the German company TQ located in the pedal block gives out 120 N * m of torque – this is not bad for many cars. And this is twice as much as the most powerful solution of popular competitors – Bosch Performance Line CX. The corresponding transmission was needed: Enviolo Sport 360, which does not need to throw the chain or belt from one sprocket to another – the entire mechanism is hidden inside the wheel, while the variator can adjust the force directly during the trip and the operation of the electric motor. 120 N * m is just the ultimate force specified by the manufacturer, New Atlas notes. The motor is offered in three power versions: 250 W, 500 W, and 920 W.

The choice will determine whether you can legally ride this bike through the city streets. For two less powerful versions, an urban body kit is provided: wings, headlight and lantern.

Magura MT hydraulic disc brakes with switchable ABS system help keep this power under control. And offroad lovers will be pleased with Magura Boltrons forks with a 15-cm stroke (retail price – about $ 1,400 per pair) and a saddle retractable during downhill.

The main disadvantage of such a solid approach: RDR not only looks like a tank, but also weighs a little less.

And, of course, the price will force to tighten the belt in a military way. The option for 500 W without ABS costs from $ 7740, the same version with ABS will cost $ 9360 already. And the most powerful 920 W motor with ABS costs $ 9,470. But this is an option for off-road, and if you need wings and headlights – pay another $ 1000.

Such a price tag makes RDR an obviously fashionable purchase – after all, by slightly reducing power, you can save about two-thirds of the price. For example, having bought a powerful electric bike Luna.