Super Hybrid Delage D12 will be the first model of the brand in 66 years

Super Hybrid Delage D12 will be the first model of the brand in 66 years

November 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The car will approach the dynamics in Formula 1 cars

A group of enthusiasts intends to resurrect the French brand Delage, which lasted from 1905 to 1953 and specialized in the production of racing and luxury cars. The debut model of the “restarted” Delage Automobiles will be a hybrid hypercar with the dynamics of a Formula 1 car.

The novelty will be called D12, inherits the features of the original Delage cars and demonstrate the technological changes in the industry that have occurred over the past 66 years. The hypercar will be equipped with a hybrid power plant, consisting of a V12 with a capacity of 900 horsepower and a 330-horsepower electric motor. In total, they will give out 1230 forces.

The creators are sure that the Delage D12 feels as close as possible to the Formula 1 cars, and this will be a kind of tribute to the winner of the 1927 World Grand Prix Delage 15 S8. It is known that the development of the hypercar took three years, and the famous racing driver Jacques Villeneuve took part in its final refinement.

The Delage brand was founded in 1905 by the French automotive pioneer Louis Delage. The company was engaged in the construction of racing and luxury cars, aircraft engines, and also successfully performed at all kinds of Grand Prix. In the 1920s, Delage even tried to compete with Hispano-Suiza. In 1935, the brand was bought by Delahaye. In 1953, due to the difficult economic situation in post-war France, the company ceased to exist.