Such a version of the Toyota 4Runner SUV, even how much apocalypse

Such a version of the Toyota 4Runner SUV, even how much apocalypse

May 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese SUV received an armored body and off-road tires. The car costs $ 35,999

Now, when the coronavirus pandemic is raging around the world, which will go down in the history of our planet, as one of the most destructive phenomena of modern history. Some particularly impressionable people begin to recall the apocalypse. Apparently the same thing was thought by foreign tuners from the JBA Motors studio, who presented their version of the Japanese Toyota SUV.

   As the basis for their project, they chose an almost new instance of the Toyota 4Runner SR5 4×4 Custom 2016 model year, which was then put up for sale and put on the list of a well-known auction in Las Vegas. The car drove only 365 km, and the description of the announcement of the sale says that the car did not go anywhere under its own power.

 Specialists at JBA Motors tuning studio chose a square style for this SUV – in many ways, this choice was made due to the fact that the car’s body is covered with metal armor (for some reason, the description of the ad does not indicate the level of armor protection).

The SUV is equipped with 18-inch wheels with Toyo M / T 33×12.50xR18 off-road tires and a tow hitch. The car also received an additional tank for gasoline. Salon 4Runner, it was decided not to change.

 This one-of-a-kind copy of the Toyota 4Runner SUV is now for sale at a starting price of $ 35,999. I note that the cheapest 4Runner SR5 2020 model year now costs about how much.