Subaru WRX new generation will be electrified

Subaru WRX new generation will be electrified

December 18, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation of the popular sports model will differ significantly from its predecessors, not only from the visual, but also from the technical point of view.

It seems that the fans of the classical Impreza have something to grieve for: with the change of generation the WRX model will get a completely new concept. The management of the brand understands that the times of the classic “opposition engines” with the turbo-supercharging are passing, and customers need to offer something new.

According to the British edition of Autocar, referring to the head of the design department of the brand Mamoru Ishi, the “feedback” from the concept car VIZIV Performance Concept presented in Tokyo was positive, and it is his design concept that will form the basis of the new generation of WRX, and the essential design revisions of the production version of the car will not receive. Buyers want their cars to look dynamic even when they are standing, Mamoru added.

He also said that despite the offensive of autonomous technologies, many people want to enjoy driving, and that’s what the engineers of the brand will focus on.

But everything is still vague about power plants. Concept VIZIV Performance Concept during the presentation was equipped with classic for Subaru opposed turbo engine and all-wheel drive, but Mamoru Ishi said that only the latter is important for WRX, and the gasoline engine will necessarily get a hybrid component with the ability to recharge from the outlet, although other options are possible.