Subaru will present its own autonomous vehicles by 2020

Subaru will present its own autonomous vehicles by 2020

July 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Autonomous and unmanned systems are increasingly entering the modern automotive segment. The company Subaru is also not going to lag behind its fellow workers in the shop and is preparing its own system, which will be presented already in 2020.

According to official representatives of the company Subaru – at the moment the enterprise, in particular the engineering and scientific division, is developing an unmanned system. According to preliminary information, the first production models will appear on the company’s cars already in 2020.

To prepare and test the system, a special polygon was constructed simulating the multi-lane motorway section with turns and various markings. The landfill is on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Initially, the market will be released system of the second level, which is rather an assistant to the driver, rather than a full autopilot. With such a system, the car can sometimes take control when driving on a country road.

It is noteworthy that the future autopilot is developed on the basis of the modern proprietary system EyeSight, which itself is built on the basis of a color stereo camera. But the regular equipment Subaru will not do. Therefore, cars will be additionally equipped with radars, several more cameras, a high-precision GPS positioning system, as well as accurate electronic maps.

In addition, there is an update of the EyeSight system itself, which is deprived of “childhood” diseases. Thanks to the radars, the active safety complex will work adequately at night with a blind car and also in conditions of poor visibility due to snow, rain or fog.

In parallel, the development of a face recognition system – FRS (Face Recognition System) is underway. Thanks to several cameras in the cabin, including the infrared, the on-board computer will be able to memorize up to five drivers, and automatically include pre-entered settings. The peculiarity of the system will be the ability to ignore changes in hairstyles and the appearance (absence) of a mustache and beard, and also to take into account possible age changes.