Subaru told about the new version of the crossover Forester

Subaru told about the new version of the crossover Forester

July 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Within the framework of his recent interview to foreign automobile publications, the current CEO of Subaru, Tomomi Nakamura, spoke about a new version of the all-wheel drive crossover Forester. According to him, the car will help the company restore its good name after a recent scandal.

Let’s remind our readers that not long ago, a scandal erupted around the Japanese automaker, which was associated with incorrect indications of fuel consumption. At a special event, the current CEO of Subaru Tomomi Nakamura, once again apologized for this unpleasant incident, which, he said, will never happen again and led the presentation of the updated all-wheel drive crossover Subaru Forester.

It is reported that the new, 5th generation, of the model appeared in the salons of the Japanese dealers of the company just a couple of days ago, and closer to September of this year, official sales of hybrid versions of e-Boxer will begin.

It is known that the car will be equipped with a power unit of 2.0 liters, as well as an electric motor. The maximum power of this hybrid is still unknown. The electrified version of the novelty will first be sold only in the automotive market in Japan, but over time, the geography of sales should expand – so far there is no official data on the appearance of a crossover in Russia.

Finally, we note that Tomomi Nakamura took over as general director of the Japanese automaker on the 22nd of this month. He was appointed to this position after the resignation of the past director, at which at the end of last year, because of incorrect data on fuel consumption, 397,011 cars were withdrawn – the response was only in Japan. In the course of his speech to the Japanese media, Mr. Nakamura said that the start of sales of the new generation of the all-wheel drive crossover Subaru Forester will be the first step towards restoring the tarnished authority of the company.

A couple of days ago, we wrote that at the end of the year will be a hybrid crossover Subaru Crosstrek.