Subaru recalls Impreza and XV in Japan

Subaru recalls Impreza and XV in Japan

October 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There are three problems that caused the service campaign: a possible leak of brake fluid due to damage to the brake hoses, a breakdown of the valve of the forced ventilation system of the crankcase, and failure of the ignition coils.

The total number of cars recalled is 279 558 units. All of them were released from October 3, 2016 to March 22, 2019, i.e. we are talking about almost new cars.

The first reason is leakage of brake fluid due to mechanical damage to the brake hoses. They can arise due to technological violations in the production of cars, namely due to errors in the installation of hoses, because of which during operation they will be subjected to mechanical stress. During the recall, the brake system will be diagnosed, the hoses will be replaced. The number of cars potentially affected by this problem is 58,864. There are 80 confirmed cases of malfunction.

The second reason (83,227 cars) is a valve failure in the forced crankcase ventilation system. The material from which its fasteners are made is not strong enough. As a result, during operation, the valve seat may collapse, this will lead to a large amount of engine oil entering the combustion chambers along with crankcase gases. Its consumption will increase, white smoke will come from the exhaust pipe. In some cases, this can lead to engine failure. 30 similar cases were recorded.

The third reason (137,467 cars) is the failure of the ignition coils. It is caused by overheating and short circuits that occur due to increased voltage. It is caused by software errors in the electronic engine control module. 116 such cases have been confirmed.