Subaru published sketches of its first electric crossover

Subaru published sketches of its first electric crossover

January 20, 2020 1 By autotimesnews

After 20 years, Subaru plans to sell exclusively electric cars.

Subaru is not the first automaker to recall electrification in the automotive industry. The electrified range of the Japanese brand is represented by only a few models, including the Crosstrek Hybrid in the USA and the Forester e-Boxer in Europe. However, the company has just announced an ambitious plan for the next two decades.

First, the automaker will develop the so-called “strong hybrid” car using Toyota technology. The novelty is expected later this decade with a patented symmetrical all-wheel drive in one form or another. This should help Subaru achieve its goal of selling at least 40% of fully electric and electrified vehicles by 2030.

More importantly, an all-electric car is under development, and in an official press release, the automaker apparently released the first sketches of this model. Most likely, this is the design of the conceptual version of the pre-production electric car, which will take the form of a crossover. According to the plan, Subaru will begin selling all-electric models only by the first half of the 2030s.

 “Although we use Toyota technology, we want to create hybrids that are clearly different from Subaru,” Tetsuo Onuki, chief technology officer, recently said in an interview. “It’s not just about reducing CO2 emissions. We need to further improve vehicle safety and the performance of our all-wheel drive. ”