Subaru Forester brought to the “moose test”

Subaru Forester brought to the “moose test”

November 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The km77 agency has distributed on its own Youtube channel a video of testing the Subaru Forester hybrid cross of the 2019 production year.

The crossover was tested for its ability to sharply rebuild and pass the snake. Although the model did not pass the test the first time, it was still deemed safe. So, at a speed of 77 km / h, the car could not pass the so-called “moose test”. Experts linked this failure with understeer.

The second race was carried out at a speed of 1 km / h less, but this time it did not work out to fit into the given trajectory. And only the third attempt was successful without a single knocked down cone: the testers were able to do it at a speed of 77 km / h.

Allegedly, the Forester had to resort to smoother, more advanced steering to reduce understeer, in which case the electronics would not brake the car down as sharply. At the same time, all subsequent attempts to increase the pace of the passage were unsuccessful, however, according to the testers, even at higher speeds, the cross felt “safe and easy to drive.” The same conclusion was made by journalists after the snake.

In addition, recently it became known that the new Subaru BRZ will not appear on the European market. It should be emphasized that the sales of this car by the Japanese company are currently planned exclusively in the American market.