Subaru confirms that it is working on a new BRZ

Subaru confirms that it is working on a new BRZ

April 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company clarified that it will not be able to use its own modular platform, since it is designed for all-wheel drive cars, and the new BRZ will retain the rear-wheel drive.

Technical details about the car while are only general, but the fact of the work on the creation of the second generation is not in doubt. Subaru does not name the specific release dates for the new product, but, probably, the stages of creating the car, incl. Subaru and Toyota will show concepts and pre-production samples in parallel.

The senior manager of the American division of Subaru, Thomas Doll, said that it would not be possible to use the SGP platform, because, despite its flexibility, it is designed for all-wheel drive cars, which are the “hallmark of Subaru”. The current BRZ, however, is based on the modified all-wheel drive platform Impreza.

There are reports that the TNGA platform can become the basis for the new BRZ and its twin under the Toyota brand – its Toyota Motor uses for many models with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, but it can also be used for the rear.

One of the main questions concerns the power plant, but there is no answer yet. Subaru hints that in the second generation models will be used boxer engines, but does not give a clear confirmation. It is likely that the first generation scenario will repeat, when the Toyota fuel supply system was modified for the Subaru engine. The gearbox in the current BRZ / Toyota 86 also developed by Toyota is a 6-speed manual and automatic. Manual transmission will be saved in the second generation, but with this there may be certain difficulties. since the new BRZ will most likely be electrified to one degree or another.