Subaru Chiffon second generation ready to enter the market

Subaru Chiffon second generation ready to enter the market

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

With the first generation of this kei-car, the brand’s fans met in 2016, and this summer, Subaru Chiffon finally changed its generation.

Subaru showed the second generation of its Kei-car Chiffon. Such a car received an increased wheelbase by 5 mm, a stiffer body, as well as a new modular platform DNGA, becoming more spacious and lighter (the developers managed to reduce the weight of the model by 40 kilograms). In addition, after a change of generations, the turbo engine torque increased, and the basic versions of the new items were supplemented with a number of useful electronic assistants. Recall the history of Subaru Chiffon began three years ago, when the brand brought its K-car to the home market.

Chiffon, who was called the “twin” model Daihatsu Tanto, was available for purchase in two versions – standard and “Custom”. The latter could be recognized by a more aggressive front end design.

 The second-generation Subaru Chiffon can be equipped with a 52-horsepower petrol engine or 64-horsepower turbo engine. After upgrading, the maximum torque of the turbo version increased to 100 Nm (instead of the previous 92 Nm). The models, in addition to the front, rely and all-wheel drive system, and the role of the transmission performs the variator D-CVT.

 Already in the base version, in contrast to the same Daihatsu Tanto, the new Subaru Chiffon will acquire a number of electronic assistants “Smart Assist”. There is also a more advanced version – “Smart Assist Plus” with adaptive cruise control with traffic sign recognition and an automatic parking assistance system. In Japan, sales of new items will start on July 25. The cost of the second generation Subaru Chiffon varies from 12,000 to 18,000 dollars.

Earlier, Honda showed an updated version of the N-WGN kei-car. The model received two versions – standard and “Custom”. The latest version came out more rigorous and as geometric as possible.

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