Subaru announces replacement with new cars

Subaru announces replacement with new cars

July 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company announces the 2018 Subaru Legacy and Outback review. In total, 2107 cars are affected.

According to the manufacturer, the key component was not properly welded at the plant. As a result, if an accident occurs, because of a defective weld, automobiles may not withstand the accident, the body structures will not behave as planned during the design.

Subaru notes that poor quality seams were made by a robot that was not cleaned properly. And, although the total number of cars to be recalled exceeds 2000 cars, the company reported that most are still in dealerships and only 20 cars are already driven by new owners.

Unlike most reviews, when the company offers to make repairs, in this case, Subaru Legacy and Outback will be sent to the factory in order to weld the seam again. After that, the owners can take the car back. They can also simply exchange their vehicle for a new Legacy or Outback, or return the Subaru car and get money back.

Manufacturers very rarely completely change cars, and not repair them. However, last year Subaru already changed Ascent for new cars due to incorrect welds, but then only 9 cars were included in the review, now the review exceeds 2000 cars.