Sub-brand Corvette can get an estimate of up to $ 12 billion

Sub-brand Corvette can get an estimate of up to $ 12 billion

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Even today, the Corvette brand is worth about $ 2 billion.

Rumors that General Motors has turned Corvette into an independent sub-brand have been rumored for years. Every time a new generation of supercars is about to make its debut, new assumptions arise, but this time the chances seem higher than ever. And if GM really expands the Corvette from one model to a sub-brand, this could lead to huge sales for the automaker, according to a recent analysis.

Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley, an experienced automotive analyst, says the Corvette brand is already worth around $ 2 billion – not even a sub-brand. If GM decides to put the Corvette nameplate in its own sub-brand, the price could go up to $ 7-12 billion and bring in more than 100,000 annual sales.

The analyst represents the Corvette brand with a number of different models, including the rumored Corvette electric SUV as a cash cow in the lineup. The mid-engined Corvette C8 will retain its current role.

To further fuel rumors of Corvette SUVs, GM CEO Marry Barra recently said the automaker “will look at different things as we move forward and recognize the strength of the Corvette brand. She doesn’t exclude that the Corvette model will be very popular, and simply added that she appreciates the analysts “who consider our Corvette franchise to be very strong.”