Stylish crossover Icon received a version with original design

Stylish crossover Icon received a version with original design

March 29, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The car received a number of body modifications, as well as a slightly modified interior. Buyers will be able to count on a limited edition.

Geely has unveiled an updated version of its futuristic Icon crossover. From the outside, we note the emergence of a wider palette of body colors, as well as wheels with a new design.

Also in the lineup there will be a special version called Spring Limited Edition, which will be able to impress with an even more unusual design. In the exterior of such a car, one can note bright orange accents on the rims, doors, front bumper and sills. The interior will also change – orange and blue elements will also appear in the form of stripes of interesting shapes.

And the upholstery of the seats will be given a different look due to decorative stitching. Engineers have worked on the multimedia complex, equipping it with new functions.

Also, decorative atmospheric lighting appeared in the cabin. The Geely Icon is 4350 mm long with a 2640 mm wheelbase.

Dealers in the Middle Kingdom ask for 99,800 yuan for the starting equipment. Translated into our money, this is 1.1 million rubles – if the cross appeared in Russia at such a price, it would definitely become a bestseller.