Students from Barcelona create an electric motorcycle

Students from Barcelona create an electric motorcycle

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Twelve fourth-year students from the University of Elisawa, Spain, built a fully functional electric enduro, awarded the BSMC 2019 award. It took nine months to get the whole thing done.

The members of the Elisava Racing Team took a motorcycle, which they later named Eray, and using the methods and concepts of the school, they developed an electric bike based on it. In the Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge 2019 (BSMC) competition, he won first place and also received awards for “Best Battery” and “Best Intelligent Solution”.

The 3000 mAh battery was developed specifically for the project. Thanks to her, the Ashwood IMP engine produces a decent 13 hp. and instant torque. Enduro cruising range – 50 km. The battery can be replaced, it will take no more than two minutes.

A quick change was the key to creating a chassis design that also helped the guys win the competition. Replacement batteries are a more real and acceptable solution for the motor industry. You can’t do this with cars because of the heavy weight of the batteries themselves.

In the Eray design, they are located rather high, but students used innovative methods to guarantee the proper operation of the motorcycle. The bike is equipped with an Olle Moto R16V fork, a special rear shock to cope with traction of the rear wheel, an oval headlight and a dashboard with a futuristic touchscreen and GPS support. The latter has an application that tracks traffic, route gradient and battery energy to accurately read the remaining mileage. There are several programmable driving modes, and even blind spot detection.

 An interesting fact: the victory with Eray was the first in the history of the University of Elisawa. BSMC has been held since 2013 and aims to stimulate innovation in motorsport. Now the winner is being considered for commercialization.