Stolen 40 years ago, Chevrolet Corvette decided to return to the owner

Stolen 40 years ago, Chevrolet Corvette decided to return to the owner

October 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The car was stolen from the rightful owner almost immediately after purchase

Police found an abandoned 1981 Chevrolet Corvette. However, when they tried to break the VIN-number of the car through the base, the system issued an error.

Employees of the site began to deal with this problem, especially for this they connected a detective who specializes in theft. It was he who discovered that the bar with the number is welded into the body. After a short search, he still managed to find the original VIN, and now he was already able to check the database.

It turned out that the car was registered in theft for the past 38 years – it was stolen from the former owner almost immediately after the purchase, all the same in 1981. At the same time, judging by the mileage of just 17,703 kilometers and the fairly good condition of the body, the hijackers also stayed with the happy owners of the Corvette for a very short time.

Now the Michigan State Police Department is trying to find the first and legal owner of the car. True, this story may not have a happy ending – if the driver filed a lawsuit against the theft, then now the car is recognized as the property of the company. In addition, for 38 years, the former owner could move or change contacts, which will also complicate the search.

In 2017, in France they found the Peugeot 104 hatchback, stolen 38 years ago, and even tried to return the car to the owner. The car was found in a swamp near the city of Chalon-en-Champagne, located 160 kilometers from Paris. The owner of the land on which the swamp is located stumbled upon a hatchback after a drop in water level due to drought and immediately notified the police about the find.