Stolen 27 years ago, the motorcycle was returned to the owner

Stolen 27 years ago, the motorcycle was returned to the owner

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The off-road Kawasaki KX was stolen from a teenager almost immediately after purchase

At the age of 17, Jonathan Haginski bought a used motorcycle of 1990 release. However, he was not destined to enjoy the bike for a long time: after only a month, he had an accident in the school yard and was sent to the hospital with a broken wrist. Left unattended at the scene of the accident, the Kawasaki KX caught the attention of an unknown hijacker who seized the opportunity and stole a bike.

Leaving the hospital, Haginski immediately announced the theft of the motorcycle, for the purchase of which he had been saving for several months, but the searches did not yield results.

Only 27 years later, the police finally discovered the loss. According to Connecticut’s NBC television station, law enforcement officers seized dozens of ATVs and motorbikes during raids last summer.

Before sending them for recycling, the police checked to see if motorcycles were wanted. To the surprise of the police, it turned out that the off-road Kawasaki KX was stolen almost three decades ago.

Now the bike has returned to its already 44-year-old owner. By the way, Haginski owns a motorcycle repair workshop and is going to use all his skills to bring his old loss back to life.