Stewart: Now the riders are at risk, it has become safer

Stewart: Now the riders are at risk, it has become safer

May 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Jackie Stewart believes that in those years when he played in the World Cup, some of the maneuvers practiced by the racers of modern Formula 1 were simply impossible.

According to him, half a century ago, if someone did not stop even the fear of death, then the GPDA racers association applied very effective measures of moral influence to such people.

“If someone misbehaved, the GPDA already at the next race put this person in front of everyone and arranged for him to drag him out so that he realized that this should not be done anymore,” said Sir Jackie. “And everyone thought it was a much harsher punishment!”

And now in the first corner alone there are more accidents than in those days for a whole day. Today people allow themselves such free actions that we could never afford and did not allow. They take this risk because they know that today it is safer. Nowadays, cars were more fragile, cockpits were not so durable.

In my opinion, the worst example, perhaps, can be considered the clash of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg after the start of the Grand Prix of Spain. In general, in the old days such freedoms were impossible. ”