Stewards rejected Techeetah protest

Stewards rejected Techeetah protest

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The stewards of the Hong Kong stage of Formula E rejected the protest filed by Techeetah, demanding more severe punishment for Sam Byrd, on the last lap of the Chinese team driver Andre Lotterer who had crashed at the time.

Bird was the first to cross the finish line, while Lotterer’s car was seriously damaged, and the German went the distance. Stewards decided that 5 seconds added to the result of the British driver Virgin, will be enough to fine it, because in the end he did not just lose the victory, but lost several positions, dropping to 6th place.

However, this seemed not enough for Techeetah’s management: team manager David Clark and team consultant Pedro de la Rosa filed an official protest, believing that a 5-second penalty is not enough severe punishment, and this can create an undesirable precedent: supposedly other riders might situations follow the example of Byrd, without fear of more serious consequences.

Usually, with fines of this kind, teams do not have an opportunity to file an appeal, but Techeetah tried to circumvent this restriction, but the stewards rejected the protest, partly arguing their position by the fact that certain types of punishments are not subject to appeal. In addition, they decided that the Chinese team did not provide any additional evidence that would confirm the need for more serious penalization.

In the end, it all ended with the fact that Techeetah, having paid for the right to file a protest, simply lost a certain amount, since the FIA ​​does not return this money.