Steiner: In Sochi we are faster than in the previous stages

Steiner: In Sochi we are faster than in the previous stages

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Haas F1 positively assesses the results of Friday in Sochi – this time there were no problems …

Gunter Steiner, Team Leader: “Productive Friday. There were no problems, we did a lot, collected the necessary information and learned a lot.

It seems that in Sochi we are a little faster than in the previous stages. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but now everything looks better than last Friday. ”

Kevin Magnussen (13th): “You can’t say that everything is bad, but not too good – we are about where we expected. At a long distance, the car has a good pace, at least in the first segment – we tried to stretch it to evaluate the effectiveness of Soft tires. Everything went well, although it could have been better. “We need to analyze everything again, but I hope that we will achieve what we are striving for.”

Roman Grosjean (16th): “In fact, everything went well. In the first training session, I was the tenth, and in the second I did not ride on Soft tires – there were several problems, I asked to reduce the ground clearance at the rear of the car, but the wheels began to lock.

The rest is a good day. At a long distance we have a good pace, the car behaves well. We tested the aerodynamics and replaced the front wing. The work continues, today we are pleasantly surprised by the operation of the machine. ”