Steiner: I experienced déjà vu when problems arose

Steiner: I experienced déjà vu when problems arose

March 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the 2018th Australian Grand Prix ended for the Haas F1 riders with a double derailment due to problems with the fastening of the wheels, separated from the car. Then during the season there were no problems with wheel nuts – but in Australia they arose again – and again led to a descent.

Team Leader Gunter Steiner cannot explain this strange pattern …

Gunter Steiner: “In general, the weekend was not bad, but we could earn much more points if it were not for the incident with the machine Grosjean. I experienced déjà vu when there were problems again in the pit stop.

During the maintenance of the machine Grosjean, we lost seven seconds – at that moment we missed the points, because if he ended up finishing, it would be outside the top ten.

Unlike last year, this time the wheel was not separated from the car, but the wheel nut broke and for 15 laps on the track the tire was badly damaged.

Looks like this place brings us misery. Last year, at twenty Grand Prix after Melbourne, we did not have any problems with mounting the wheels, but we returned to Australia, and everything happened again. But if a year ago we got off with two cars, this time one, it means that the next one should do without retirements. ”