Steiner: Everything is much better than in the past Grand Prix

Steiner: Everything is much better than in the past Grand Prix

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The race in Singapore did not bring Haas F1 points, but the team was positive…

Gunter Steiner, Team Leader: “Cool race. We did not earn points, but worked well. A little unlucky, but overall it was much better than in the past two Grand Prix.

We finished 11th and 17th, but sometimes we ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think the team did it. We continue to work and we know that one day these efforts will pay off. “

Roman Grosjean (11th): “Today we were close to the points. At first, Kevin fought in the top ten, and I was behind – we used a different strategy and I drove a long stretch on Medium tires. We were waiting for the safety car to appear, but it drove out just because of an incident between me and Russell.

I need to see the record, but I was closer to the exit from the turn. There is no security zone and we hit a wall. At the end of the race, the safety car drove several more times, I struggled with all my strength, but the tires were already worn out, so the last laps turned out to be difficult.

Kevin Magnussen: “Unfortunately, the best lap of the race did not bring me points. We worked seriously to earn points today, I drove the first lap well, the car was fast, but each time the safety car drove out at the wrong time. In addition, a plastic bag got stuck in the front wing and I had to drop into the boxes to take it off.

I am dissatisfied with the outcome. The race was developing well, the team did its job, but failed to earn points. ”