Stealth Electric ATV from the company DRR USA

Stealth Electric ATV from the company DRR USA

March 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company has so far presented a prototype, but already now a silent, environmentally friendly and affordable electric quad can be pre-ordered for $ 7,500. Information published on the platform

DRR Stealth has been designed for search and rescue personnel, environmentalists, and recreation enthusiasts. It is comparable in size to 600-cc off-road vehicles, but it does not make any noise at all and does not pollute the environment with exhaust gases, which may also be of interest to hunters.

 The ATV charges from any three-prong outlet for six hours. A 72-volt, 4-kilowatt lithium-ion battery not only charges quickly, it is lighter, holds a charge longer, is less harmful, and can withstand lower temperatures than traditional lead-acid batteries. And it will take just three minutes to replace it.

The novelty has a power reserve of almost 57 kilometers, which can be increased to 105 km thanks to an additional battery. Automated replacement will avoid driver participation in this procedure.

From the equipment in the presence of a simple well-readable LCD dashboard, trunk, suspension on double A-arms (eliminates shocks and makes the course more smooth), four disc brakes (improves braking ability) and wave rotors (remove dirt, grass and other debris) . There are also adjustable shock absorbers with five settings.

Now on the project website is open pre-order to collect $ 50,000. If the required amount is recruited, sales of Stealth will begin in July.

Last summer, CFMOTO updated its 800-cube X8 Basic ATV with the Restyle version.