Startup will install 3D-printing of cars according to client’s design

Startup will install 3D-printing of cars according to client’s design

January 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A young American company intends to organize a revolution in automotive production with the help of 3D printing technologies.

Hackrod promises to change the “traditional approach to the production of cars” and is currently developing a new technique that “will provide rapid prototyping of customized vehicle solutions and will make the consumer co-author in the process.”

In simple words, Hackrod wants us to be the designers of our own cars. This is made possible by technology that uses special software to create prototypes that are implemented in real life using 3D printing. The company will initially demonstrate various ready-made auto design patterns and offer them to customers.

“Hackrod claims to be the author of the first car, designed in a virtual reality, designed by artificial intelligence, created using the full potential of advanced technology and delivered by the methods of the future,” the official release of the company on the croudfounding platform MicroVentures.

Hackrod is confident that the current automotive technology was stuck in the 20th century, not using the technology of the 21st century. When their technology is ready, consumers will be able to choose their own options, leaving “complex things” for the digital platform, such as finding components, engineering analysis and equipment integration.

At the moment, the product line of the manufacturer includes only La Bandita – a roadster in retro style with a body designed in a virtual reality and a chassis scanned in 3D from a real racing car. It will be a car “with the most diverse and up-to-date technologies that combine into a new manufacturing paradigm” and once this task is done, the company will move on to automate key tasks, for example, to “structural engineering and suspension geometry, bringing the concept of consumer participation in the whole creation process closer to reality car “.