Startup Nuro will attract $ 500 million in investments

Startup Nuro will attract $ 500 million in investments

November 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This company specializes in the so-called robotic delivery. During the coronavirus pandemic, this kind of robotic vehicles is a very promising and very profitable area.

Startup Nuro will spend $ 500 million on launching autonomous vehicles. This is far from the only large sum invested in this project.

The coronavirus and subsequent quarantine measures spurred the development of self-driving vehicles for delivery. One of them is the compact R2, which surprised the public with its lack of steering wheel and pedals. Its release is established in Detroit. However, its circulation is unknown, as well as how many machines are already actively working for different companies.

The company is going to spend the received money wisely: it will recruit new specialists to expand its team, and also increase production volumes.

Back in winter, R2 robocars were given access to public roads. 5 thousand cars received a corresponding permit for a period of two years. Now they can be found in different American states.

As for the value of the company itself, now it has grown significantly, reaching $ 5 billion. Unsurprisingly, this startup has no shortage of investors.

Meanwhile, an Estonian startup is developing unique graphene batteries that can be charged in 15 seconds. The life cycle of such a battery is superior to that of traditional batteries. This project is known as SuperBattery.