Startup Neuron showed innovative electric minibus and truck

Startup Neuron showed innovative electric minibus and truck

November 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Californian startup innovations were demonstrated at China Import Expo held in China.

The American startup Neuron EV presented two concepts. We are talking about the electric minibus T / ONE and the TORQ truck, which also has electric traction. The design of both vehicles is decorated in a futuristic style. The machines are based on a modular electric platform.

It should be emphasized that for the electric cars shown by Neuron EV, the driver’s seat is centered so that when starting mass production it would not be necessary to develop separate variations for countries with left-hand or right-hand traffic. Cars equipped with a panoramic windshield, as well as cameras and monitors instead of the classic side mirrors.

 The Neuron T / ONE electric car can easily transform from a minibus to a van and vice versa. The number of seats in it can vary from 3 to 8. The T / ONE motor develops 520 Nm of torque, while at the same time, power has not yet been reported. On his board he is able to take up to 3 tons, and on one recharge overcome a distance of 480 km.

As for the TORQ truck, its technical specifications are currently kept secret. Both electric vehicles, in addition to the traction battery, also have solar panels and a backup battery.