Startup cloned Tesla Semi and Pickup Mask before they arrived

Startup cloned Tesla Semi and Pickup Mask before they arrived

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

If imitation is the most sincere form of praise, then Tesla should be flattered that the startup Neuron EV, developing on the money of Chinese investors, copied the design of Tesla Semi and passed it off as its electric truck.

During the Second Annual Import Exhibition in Shanghai, Neuron EV presented the design of its two first-born: TORQ tractor unit and T / ONE pickup truck. The first was obviously created under the influence of Tesla Semi – and that at least. However, it is unlikely that Tesla will sue Neuron – the startup does not pose a threat to the company Ilona Mask, Electrek believes.

“Both trucks are a reflection of Neuron’s philosophy of value through simplicity and functionality,” said Casey Huan, startup brand director, who emphasized the ease of use, the versatility of these machines and their openness to optimization. True, no technical characteristics are not reported. There is only vague indications that the electric transmission is located on the lower tier and lowers the center of gravity of the car, and the cab, on the contrary, is located higher in order to improve the driver’s view and increase the volume of the body.

The interior of the truck is also borrowed from the Semi with its mid-mounted driver’s seat. In addition, the driver is promised a panoramic view thanks to wireless cameras and displays on the dashboard.

“The intuitive interface provides complete control and is compatible with any personal device that, after connecting, replaces all mechanical buttons and switches,” the press release said. “Such a concise and open system is compatible with the latest gadgets and Internet solutions.”

As for the T / ONE pickup, Neuron describes it as “an innovative multi-purpose universal electric SUV designed for commercial and personal use.”

California startup Neuron EV, like many others like it, is funded by investors from China. In this case, Scott Zheng is the founder of the PurpleSky Investment Fund.

The release of the Tesla Semi electric truck is scheduled for next year. In the meantime, the company Vanlifer designed on its base a residential van – eco-friendly and with a range of 800 km.