Started tests of selfdriving cars with passengers

Started tests of selfdriving cars with passengers

February 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Autonomous vehicle GM Cruise received permission to carry passengers in California.

The Detroit News reports that the technology company is authorized by the California Utilities Commission to transport passengers on public roads in California. These cruise vehicles will have to be driven by an autonomous driver who has been issued a permit to operate the car from the California Department of Transportation.

There are five other companies in California that are allowed to carry passengers on autonomous vehicles. Others include Waymo and Zoox, but GM is the first car manufacturer to receive such approval.

GM is currently awaiting a review by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asking for permission to operate up to 5,000 vehicles without a driver as part of a taxi fleet for transporting people. GM Robo Taxi will not have a steering wheel and pedals.

In January, Cruise introduced Origin, an autonomous electric car that the automaker intends to launch. At the heart of this car is the new EV platform from General Motors, and the automaker expects the life of each Origin to be more than 1,609,344 km.