Started tests of autonomous cars General Motors

Started tests of autonomous cars General Motors

February 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A division of the American automaker will now be able to transport passengers in unmanned vehicles.

Today it became known that the company Cruise, which is a division of General Motors, will be able to use autonomous cars to transport people. This will happen in the city of San Francisco, California on public roads. The procedure for obtaining permission was very difficult, so we can say with confidence about the readiness of cars and a high degree of safety. Cruise CEO said that testing of such machines was carried out for several years, so access to the roads became a real landmark event.

The autonomous car system is configured in such a way that the car cannot start moving when the driver is in the cabin.

 It is also not possible to charge a fare. Cruise added to the list of five companies that are allowed to use unmanned vehicles on public roads. The main goals of the company are improving road safety, reducing accidents, saving time and the ability to make transportation more accessible.