Starlink network begins testing communications in the British hinterland

Starlink network begins testing communications in the British hinterland

January 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Elon Musk’s first satellite internet testers are already sending rave reviews. Recently, a Reddit user from Devon, England, one of the first to receive an antenna, router and other equipment, reported high speed and ease of setting up communication.

Reddit user Philip Hall, a resident of Devon in the southwest of England, posted a photo of the equipment received in the mail. “As an enthusiast with no near-term prospects for fiber (broadband) connectivity, I signed up for beta testing early on,” he explained to CNBC. And he said that the technical capabilities of the new connection are “amazing” – now he receives a constant signal at home at a speed of 80 Mbit / s. As for the ease of installing the equipment, Hall did not have any difficulties: “The application asked for a username and password, and it worked.”

SpaceX received a license to build a network of ground stations in the UK back in November, a spokesman for telecommunications regulator Ofcom said. It gives the company the right to sell satellite dishes and other equipment in the UK that can receive signals from the Starlink constellation.

The company invites testers from the UK by email and charges them £ 439 for the equipment, plus £ 89 for a monthly fee and an additional £ 54 for postage. Users can expect connection speeds in the range of 50-150 Mbps with the country’s average broadband speed of 64 Mbps, but people in rural areas often experience interruptions.

Recall that the testing of Elon Musk’s satellite Internet in the United States began last summer, and at the beginning of 2021 the first British users of SpaceX’s satellite Internet began to receive kits for connecting services: an antenna, a router, a bracket and a cable. Next in line are Greece, Germany and Australia, which have also already approved Starlink’s application for the provision of telecommunications services.

A division of the space company SpaceX was formed in 2015 to provide satellite Internet to residents of remote regions of the United States, and subsequently to the whole world. To do this, Elon Musk plans to launch at least 12,000 small satellites into low-earth orbit. This project, according to Musk’s plans, could become so lucrative that it would provide funding for the construction of the Starship spacecraft fleet and begin the colonization of Mars.