SSC Tuatara will be able to accelerate to 483 km/h?

SSC Tuatara will be able to accelerate to 483 km/h?

September 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

As part of a recent interview with automotive publications, representatives of the company SSC North America told that their new hypercar SSC Tuatara will be able to accelerate to a speed of 483 km/h. And the general director of the brand noted that only their company can develop such a powerful car.

Some time ago the race of automakers of very fast production cars began, which intend to imagine the model faster than others, which could develop the maximum possible speed faster than the others. Now the coveted speed limit is a mark of 483 km / h.

Swedish automotive company Koenigsegg is fully confident that the hypercar Agera RS can easily overcome the figure of 446.97 km / h, while the well-known tuning studio Hennessey is just about to introduce its super powerful Venom F5.

The manufacturer of supercars and hypercar brands – SSC North America is now also in the game – according to representatives of this brand, the new model Tuatara, which was shown to the world last month at the Pebble Beach, will be able to develop a maximum speed of 483 km / h. The car is the receiver of the concept with the same name, the presentation of which took place in the distant 2011. The automaker is confident that only their car can overcome the coveted speed mark. As part of a recent interview with Top Gear magazine, CEO Jerod Shelby said: “The experience and the amount of knowledge that our company has will allow us to become the only ones that really have a chance to build such a powerful car.”

Although the final version of the Hypercar Tuatara is not yet ready, SSC North America with unconcealed joy reports that the drag coefficient of the car is 0.279. According to company representatives, engineers need to work even harder to further reduce this number, while simultaneously increasing the downforce of the car. As for the engine of the novelty, it is known that the Tuatara boasts a 5.9-liter V8, the maximum power of which is 1350 horsepower on conventional fuel and as much as 1,750 hp when using special fuel. It is reported that the motor received an intelligent system that allows it to significantly increase its productivity.

Not so long ago, the first photos of the 1350-hp SSC Tuatara engine appeared on the Internet.