Squirrels have a pantry under the hood of Kia Sorento

Squirrels have a pantry under the hood of Kia Sorento

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It turns out that rodents sometimes hide their stocks in car compartments. For example, this time at Kia Sorento.

Holly’s wife called Chris from Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) and said that when she started her Kia Sorento, smoke came out of her and smelled burning. Prior to this, the car was parked on the street for several days. The man invited her to look under the hood, and there she found a bunch of unpeeled walnuts and grass, which, apparently, had stocked up local squirrels for the winter.

The man threw things and hastened to help his wife. For almost an hour, they scooped out about 200 nuts carefully laid by hay from the car. But then they still drove the car to the service. When the mechanics put the car on a lift, nuts sprinkled out of it, which were crushed literally everywhere. They cleaned the car, and it turned out that, fortunately, they did not cause serious damage to the squirrels.

Chris wrote about this on Facebook, attaching a photo of the spontaneous “warehouse”, and said: “If you parked on the street for a long time, do not take it as work – check from time to time what’s under your hood.”

It’s funny, but the walnut tree grows near the house of a young couple, and Chris says that when several nuts fell on the car and dents appeared on the back, he thought it would be nice to cut this tree altogether.