Spy photos Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1160

Spy photos Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1160

July 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In 2016, Triumph rolled out the latest generation of Speed ​​Triple 1050, complying with the Euro4 standard. By the 21st year of production, Speed ​​Triple received significant upgrades, including 104 engine modifications to improve the operation and performance of an in-line three-cylinder unit.

Four years have passed, and now Europe is moving to the Euro5 standard, which has set new constraints and challenges for manufacturers. Triumph has been creating a new generation of Speed ​​Triple for some time, taking into account the new standard for harmful emissions, and it’s time to launch a new generation.

Like the Street Triple introduced at the end of 2019, the next-generation Speed ​​Triple will receive an external update. The design with twin headlights will remain, but the lights are more aggressive with gloomy LED stripes and a thin profile, in general. The tail is expected to be sharper and raised, making the bike more outwardly aggressive.

The design of the aluminum frame is also changed. Added a partition for greater rigidity. As for the lattice subframe, it remains unchanged, it seems. Lower spoiler redesigned. The 3in1 exhaust pipe has become shorter, and the tip is now located directly under the rider’s right foot. The motorcycle in the photo seems to be equipped with a sports fork and a new cantilever swingarm.

The new engine is the most interesting part. The unit is very different from the 1050 cc motor. Not only the general shape of the block has changed, but also the appearance of the crankcase and the clutch cover. According to rumors, the volume increased to 1160 cm3.

The premiere of the new motorcycle is expected this fall.