Spy photos of KTM Supermoto 890

Spy photos of KTM Supermoto 890

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Rumors about the development of the new 890 cc KTM engine are not brand new or shocking. They have been talking about this topic since the beginning of the year, and even the CEO of the company actually confirmed this information.

Austrians test prototype KTM supermoto on public roads. In fact, the new engine was placed in the chassis of the modified KTM 790 Adventure motorcycle.

Some sources report that the 890 will replace the 790 in the KTM lineup – a stupid theory actually. 790 is a relatively fresh platform. In 2018, the KTM 790 Duke was released, which became the first motorcycle with this engine, and in 2019 the 790 Adventure 2019 appeared. The platform continues to evolve, so the theory of complete replacement can be discarded.


The manufacturer is simply expanding its lineup. In addition, testing a new motor in the chassis of the 790th model means that both lines can actually have the same base and differ only in cubic capacity and equipment. The new engine is definitely an in-line two-cylinder, that is, it should easily fit in the 790 chassis.

Some media write that the first 890th model will be presented this fall. Are looking forward to.