Spotted new BMW 3-Series in the station wagon

Spotted new BMW 3-Series in the station wagon

November 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A brand new generation of the BMW 3 Series sedan is already being sold, but with the generalist things are a little different. At the moment, you can buy only the previous version of the BMW 3 Series in the station wagon.

According to some sources, the official presentation of the long-awaited BMW 3 Series Touring / Sport Wagon will be held in March next year – the show will be held at the Geneva Motor Show.

Well, a couple of hours ago, our foreign colleagues kindly shared with us “spy” photos of the news.

Judging by the published photos, the car is very similar to the 5 Series Touring, only smaller in size – which, in fact, was to be expected. Let us remind our readers that last month representatives of the Bavarian brand applied to the patent office in order to register the appearance of the BMW 3 Series Touring / Sport Wagon.

The new shots show a sports version of the station wagon with camouflage covering the back of the car. In front, the station wagon is almost identical to the 3 Series sedan. From insider reports it is known that under the hood of the 3 Series Touring will be the same engines that are offered for the sedan version.

There are also rumors about the high-performance version of the M3 Sport Wagon. In this case, the Bavarian novelty will compete with the similar station wagon from Audi and Mercedes.