Spotted Ford Bronco in more off-road version of Warthog

Spotted Ford Bronco in more off-road version of Warthog

October 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Auto publications have published photos from tests of the Ford Bronco SUV in the Warthog version. It is known that the new product will receive additional power, as well as even more impressive off-road capabilities.

The Ford Bronco won’t go on sale until spring 2021, but that doesn’t stop the automaker from testing an even more powerful version of the SUV right now. The novelty will receive the designation Warthog. In two new videos from the foreign forum Bronco6G, a prototype of the novelty is demonstrated, showing various off-road capabilities.

The first video at the top of the article shows how the Bronco uses the different modes of the GOAT system. GOAT stands for Goes Over Any Terrain, and in this case it is sand. There are reports that five riding modes will be offered as standard, there will also be additional ones such as Rock Crawl and Baja …

As the name suggests, it allows the Bronco to take tight cornering while locking the inner rear wheel. The effect is similar to that of a handbrake, although with Trail Turn Assist the outer rear wheel continues to rotate. So the Bronco pivots around the locked rear wheel for tight turns. Apparently, this feature will be available on the Warthog, and this video shows testing the SUV at different speeds. When the assistant is activated, it should work only at low speeds – the video shows that it works at the first turn, but not at the next.

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