Sports car SCG 006 Glickenhaus Spyder will win hearts appearance

Sports car SCG 006 Glickenhaus Spyder will win hearts appearance

July 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus published a teaser of its new model, called SCG 006 Glickenhaus Spyder. It will be a sporty two-door in retro style. It recognizes the individual traits of roadsters and coupes of the 1960s: the Corvette C3, the Ferrari (model 250, as well as the 275 and 275 Spider NART), and the exhaust pipes on the rapids resemble the design of Shelby Cobra.

Unlike previous SCG, 006 engine will be placed in front. Most likely, it will be the “008”, although the company itself is silent. But SCG indicates a capacity of 650 hp. The gearbox will be assigned to the rear axle for an ideal balance. Moreover, the company will offer buyers a choice between the automatic with paddle petals and manual transmission.

Recall that the company SCG, founded by the American director and car collector James Glikenhaus, leads through numbering for all of its models in chronological order, starting with the unique coupe Ferrari P4 / 5 by Pininfarina 2006, built on the initiative and with the support of James (his hindsight it is proposed to consider the model 001). The current supercar SCG carries the number 003 with different letters indicating the version. Now the company is preparing for the output of the mid-engine supercar SCG 004, which will also acquire modifications. In public, he should appear next year.

Buggy Boot, prepared for the transcontinental run New York – Paris (across America, the Bering Strait and Eurasia), will receive the SCG 005 index. Also Glichenhaus stated that 007 will get a new prototype of the LMP1 class. He must win for SCG victory in the absolute classification “24 hours of Le Mans”. It’s probably about 2020, not 2019, because the project is complicated. But SCG’s goal is also ambitious: since 1967 (Ford GT40 Mk. IV), no car built in the US has come first in this marathon.