Spiderman starred in an Audi e-tron commercial

Spiderman starred in an Audi e-tron commercial

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

No, this is not just another trailer for the new Spider-Man, but why not imagine that this is exactly what happened? Filmed really very cool!

And it is not surprising, because Audi collaborated with Sony Pictures Entertainment to create a three-minute video dedicated to the new electric car e-tron GT. And this is a new level of advertising. That would be all the ads were.

The plot tells us about the participation of Peter Parker and his friend Ned in a scientific exhibition in which they present their own collected electric motor. But having come to the event, Peter is no longer so sure of his ingenious invention.

 Then he persuades the agent “SHIELD” to lend him a project codenamed “2025”, which actually turns out to be the 590-strong Audi e-tron GT. The guys receive recognition, but maybe not the one they were counting on.

Earlier it was reported that the special version of the Audi Q8 Galaxy Blue has acquired a unique interior, which surprisingly came together wood, leather and metal.