Speeder – a flying motorcycle from the notorious Jetpack Aviation

Speeder – a flying motorcycle from the notorious Jetpack Aviation

March 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jetpack Aviation, known primarily for its jetpacks, announced the start of accepting orders for the Speeder motorcycle. According to information published on the company’s website, it is planned to develop four versions of hoverbike: for outdoor activities, ultralight, military and cargo. They will differ from each other by flight duration and maximum speed.

As reported, the outwardly innovative motorcycle creates the impression of a vehicle from the Star Wars saga. The developers claim that they have invested in all their experience in the field of jetpacks and aviation.

The mass version for outdoor activities, called Recreational Speeder, is 104.7 kilograms. Hoverbayk can fly at speeds up to 240 kilometers per hour and be in the air from 10 to 22 minutes (the indicator depends on the pilot’s weight and flight altitude; by the way, the maximum permissible pilot weight is 115 kg).

If desired, the Recreational Speeder can be climbed to an altitude of 5 km. But Jetpack Aviation warns that in this case, the pilot must take care to provide himself with an additional source of oxygen.

As for the ultralight version of Ultralight Speeder, then, as the name suggests, it has a reduced mass. In addition, this unit received a reduced flight time, and its speed is limited to 96 kilometers per hour.

Additionally, both versions of hoverbike are equipped with a 12-inch touchscreen display, a navigation system and a two-way aviation radio system for air-to-air and air-to-ground communications.

The developers claim that to control the Ultralight Speeder hoverbike pilot license is not required, and to manage other versions of the device, it is enough to obtain the so-called “Amateur Piloting License”.

“Driving a Speeder is no more difficult than a regular motorcycle,” emphasize the engineers, specifying that the flying motorcycle will be equipped with an auto-balancing system.

Piloting training every buyer will be held directly in JetPack Aviation. The cost of Recreational Speeder is $ 380 thousand. You can pre-order hoverbike now. To stake out a device, you need to pay $ 10,000.

The price of an air motorcycle is very high, but Jetpack Aviation promises to include equipment in this price. So on the helmet and suit will be able to save.

The first batch of 20 flying motorcycles will consist exclusively of “entertainment” versions, in a more distant future, engineers plan to launch the production of military and cargo options. The difference will be primarily in power: four turbojet engines will be installed on regular motorcycles, and five on special versions. Also cargo and military hoverbikes will equip with autopilot system.

The military version was called Military Speeder, the cargo version – Cargo Speeder. Both devices will be able to be in the air for 20 to 30 minutes and fly at a speed of more than 240 kilometers per hour. In addition, the Cargo Speeder, with a payload capacity of 550 kg, will receive a removable aerodynamic container for cargo, mounted on top of the driver’s seat. Other details about the special versions of Speeder have not yet been disclosed – they promise to clarify after the start of the test.

Finally, we note that for those who can not afford a flying motorcycle, Jetpack Aviation offers jetpacks. On them, the price is lower – from $ 295,000. In addition, you can buy them now.