Specialists have assembled a full-size Honda Civic Type R from Lego

Specialists have assembled a full-size Honda Civic Type R from Lego

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As noted by the creators of complex sculptures – the weight of a toy car is almost equal to the original. The assembly of the model took nine people and 1,300 hours of continuous work.

A video appeared on the Web with a presentation of the full-size model Honda Civic Type R from Lego bricks. The car is built from 320,000 parts, has a working optics and weight corresponding to the original. Full-size versions of Lego cars are becoming a kind of trend. The nine-member team took more than 1,300 hours of work to create the model.

 Creating an exact copy of the Lego Civic Type R caused a lot of difficulties due to the complex design of the car. However, experts were able to fully convey all the details of sports design. Even the details of the brake system were reproduced, up to the Brembo inscription.


 Even more impressive is the use of only standard parts of the designer, without creating special elements. This realistic Lego is based on official CAD drawings of the car, and the team also had access to the original car.

 All parts were assembled on a special steel frame, strong enough to withstand a weight of 1,300 kg. The detailing is really impressive. The car was equipped with working front and rear optics, and detailed wipers.

Honda will soon introduce the model officially. The first public show will be held on April 28 as part of the Lego Masters show in Australia.

Meanwhile, the new Honda Civic Type R is spotted at the Nurburgring during testing. The discovered prototypes on the track clearly tell us about the company’s near-term plans for a “charged” sedan.