Special Editions of Daihatsu Thor

Special Editions of Daihatsu Thor

October 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The novelty was created in the same way as the special versions of Daihatsu Boon, which went on sale in Japan a few days ago. Thor now has two new versions – G Limited II SA III and Custom G Limited II SA III. They differ in minor modifications in appearance, interior and equipment.

From the name of the versions, it is easy to notice that they are built on the basis of G. This should be an attractive offer, based on a combination of price, decoration and equipment, but re-branding versions under the Toyota brand Roomy and Tank are still more popular in the home market. It is possible that similar special options will soon be prepared for them.

G Limited II SA III and Custom G Limited II SA III can be distinguished by fully LED optics, which are usually present only in the maximum versions of Thor and Thor Custom. Cars received chrome door handles and a blue tinted strip at the top of the windshield.

Inside, you can highlight the heated front seats and folding tables in their backs. Usually this equipment is included in the Comfortable package and is offered at a surcharge. And finishes can highlight black glossy inserts on the air conditioning control unit, chrome finish “twist” on it and the same design of the interior door handles. On the front panel and doors there are colored decorative inserts.

Preparations have been made to install a multi-function screen compatible with the all-round visibility system.

For both versions, they will also offer two-color body painting schemes previously available for other Thor variants, but for a fee.

The cost of Daihatsu Thor G Limited II SA III and Custom G Limited II SA III in Japan is 1,815,000 – 2,106,500 yen.