South Korea told why it plans to abandon electric cars

South Korea told why it plans to abandon electric cars

January 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

South Korea intends to six times increase the use of hydrogen cars in the country and thus to abandon cars with electric and ICE.

The authorities plan to popularize such cars among citizens by subsidizing the industry, as well as installing more gas stations.

During 2019 in South Korea they want to raise sales of such machines from 700 units to 4,000.

In the world, such a plan has already been called such a “hydrogen economy” plan. Until 2018, about 2,000 cars were built in the country, where, instead of batteries, technologies are used to convert hydrogen into energy.

In this case, until 2025, their number should reach 100,000 units. Already by 2040, a sharp jump is scheduled, when the country will produce up to 6.2 million cars on hydrogen and 3.3 million of them will be exported.

The government intends to carry out its plan by expanding hydrogen refueling – from 14 units last year to 310 by 2022 and up to 1,200 units by 2040. One of the points of the program is to reduce the cost of hydrogen machines to 27,000 euros due to subsidies. Along with this, hydrogen itself should become cheaper. Until 2040, the price per kilogram is wanted to be reduced from 6.25 to 2.34 euros.

Along with the increase in the number of personal cars of citizens, the authorities want to transfer to hydrogen and public transport. In the long term, 40,000 buses, 80,000 taxis, and 30,000 hydrogen-powered trucks are planned to be put into use. For this, accordingly, they will develop the production of the parts necessary for them.