Sony confirms that it will not be submitted to automakers

Sony confirms that it will not be submitted to automakers

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As Vision-S project manager Izumi Kawanishi said, the previously introduced S-Vision automotive concept is a way for the Japanese brand to demonstrate the level of technology development.

The debut of the Sony Vision-S Concept Car at the CES-2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a big surprise for everyone, since the Japanese brand is unknown to anyone as a car manufacturer. The company positioned the car as a way to demonstrate the level of development of its technology, but there was still some suspicion that the Japanese technology giant might have been testing the possibility of entering the automotive industry.

Now Vision-S project manager Izumi Kawanishi, who also heads the Sony robotics division, is putting “all the dots over and” in a recent interview.

He says no, the company will not manufacture cars. Instead, the brand positions the presented concept as “Sony’s contribution to the evolution of automobiles.”

 “Sony wants the Vision-S Concept to showcase its proprietary driving technologies as well as car entertainment systems. Vision-S has a second-level autonomous driving system thanks to 33 sensors that monitor the situation outside. But still, the Sony engineering team intends to test this technology in a series of road tests in 2020. We use the opportunities and technologies at our disposal that can contribute to the evolution of cars. The idea of ​​our car is to create a certain space where you can relax and enjoy maximum safety and reliability, ”Kavanisi told the foreign publication.

 Inside, Vision-S has a huge number of screens on the dashboard. They show tools to control car systems or entertain passengers by showing films. The 360 ​​Reality audio system enhances the experience by creating a three-dimensional sound effect, placing speakers on each seat. The screens in each corner display the video stream from the rear cameras — they are located on the wings. Rear passengers have their own display, which is installed in front of them on each seatback.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Sony brought the Vision-S concept electric car to the CES-2020. Sony at the opening exhibition of consumer electronics (CES) was able to surprise the world community.