Sony brought Vision-S concept car to CES-2020

Sony brought Vision-S concept car to CES-2020

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Sony at the opening exhibition of consumer electronics (CES) was able to surprise the world community by introducing a fully electric concept car called Vision-S.

Sony’s Vision-S concept electric car was a surprise for visitors to the CES-2020 exhibition in Las Vegas. With the help of this car, the company demonstrated its technological development in the field of mobility. So, according to the foreign portal, the concept car from Sony has at least 33 sensors in its arsenal, including radars and lidars, CMOS image sensors and more. Thanks to them, the electric car is able to detect and recognize people and objects outside the car.

 The Vision-S was equipped with ToF sensors, which also can detect people and objects, but already inside the car. According to the developers, the presented concept corresponds to the autonomy of the second level.

 The interior of the Sony Vision-S is distinguished by an abundance of screens: these are large infotainment displays behind the head restraints of the front seats, as well as a panoramic touchscreen on the dashboard. This list is complemented by special screens, which in real time broadcast a picture from cameras mounted on the wing. Another feature of the concept is the 360 ​​Reality Audio system, which guarantees perfect acoustics in the car interior. Speakers will even be built into the seats.

 When working on the Vision-S project, Sony relied on the newly developed EV platform, owned by the automotive supplier Magna. A couple of electric motors with a capacity of 200 kW is responsible for the performance of the conceptual electric car. The concept car picks up the first “hundred” in 4.8 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 239 km / h. Will the electric car go into series, unfortunately, not reported.