Sony and Yamaha are developing an unmanned vehicle

Sony and Yamaha are developing an unmanned vehicle

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Two Japanese companies – Sony and Yamaha began the development of a new unmanned shuttle car, which will receive a very interesting design. The shuttle vehicle will drive along a pre-programmed path.

Sony started pushing this topic a few years ago in 2017, introducing the SC-1 concept car to the world. Now we have got information that this model is being finalized in tandem with another Japanese company Yamaha, specializing mainly in motorcycles. Unlike Sony, this company is directly related to transport, which means cooperation will definitely benefit the project.

Now the car has been renamed to SC-1 Social Cart, it differs noticeably from its concept. For example, the number of seats in the cabin is increased by 2 (now there are 5), the design of the route vehicle has also been significantly changed, although the body also has the shape of a rectangle. The car is fully controlled by artificial intelligence, which means that human assistance is simply not needed there.

 Front and rear view sensors are also installed, increasing the likelihood of detecting objects for instant response. This is necessary, for example, so as not to bring down a passing person. Companies are very thoughtful and responsible about security.

Image sensors are hypersensitive and, as a result, they react much more efficiently than standard sensors installed even in the most sophisticated cars. By the way, in comparison with them, the development from Sony and Yamaha will have cameras around the entire perimeter of the car. Sensors will perfectly detect any objects even in complete darkness.

 Of course, in case of special need the car can be transferred from automatic control to manual control. Then it will be remotely controlled by the operator, guided by the cameras.

Also a very unusual innovation is the lack of windows on the shuttle car. Together they placed screens broadcasting advertising. Artificial intelligence identifies faces and selects ads according to the gender and age of the discovered person. However, the surroundings are also broadcast to passengers.

 In addition to all the options, ultrasonic sensors and a lidar are also installed in the car. All this, again, is done for maximum safety.

Dimensions of the car are 3135x1306x1830 mm. The vehicle is powered by a lithium polymer battery.