Sono Motors unveils second solar-powered Sono Sion prototype

Sono Motors unveils second solar-powered Sono Sion prototype

January 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Sono Motors is heading into battle with the Sono Sion, the second prototype of its new solar car. A city-car full of solar cells close to mass production was unveiled at CES 2021 along with interesting details.

Sono Motors continues to develop and fine-tune its new solar-powered vehicle, a crossover with very typical minivan shapes, with which they intend to storm the zero-emission EV market in the relatively not-too-distant future of 2022.

Taking advantage of CES 2021, they unveiled a second prototype of the upcoming Sono Sion, which is ready to showcase some key details and the exclusive polymer-based Sono Solar technology. In fact, all the body panels and other parts that are not completely smooth are filled with a total of 248 solar cells. Sono plans to produce 100,000 Sion units a year.

“We have found a way to provide sustainable and free energy in a variety of transportation applications, replacing the traditional painting process with integrated solar technology. Although the Sono Solar technology is cheaper, lighter and much more efficient than conventional glass-based solar cells, I am very excited about the potential applications that this incredible flexibility will bring, ”says Yona Christians, co-founder and CEO of Sono Motors.

Sion is primarily focused on urban travel. Ideally, the sitikar needs to travel 33 kilometers a day, making full use of the 35 kWh battery capacity, which will allow it to achieve a maximum range of 255 km. The Sion is equipped with a 163 hp electric motor capable of a top speed of 140 km / h. In addition, it is equipped with a quick charge system, allowing you to recharge it in 30 minutes at a quick charge point if needed.

The new prototype also has the equipment that the production model will go on to use, including air conditioning, an electric tailgate, keyless entry and launch, and an improved infotainment platform with a large touchscreen in the dashboard.