Sono Motors Sion EV gets dashboard filled with moss

Sono Motors Sion EV gets dashboard filled with moss

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

German mobile phone provider Sono Motors has published a series of photographs showing the interior of its future electric car Sion.

The exterior design of the serial Sion has already been introduced earlier, but the final interior is on display for the first time. And if you consider that the car looks pretty ordinary in appearance, then the interior is much more unique.

In the center of the dashboard is a large 10-inch digital display of the infotainment system, which displays various data, including energy consumption, and a small 7-inch screen while driving. So far, everything is pretty normal.

What really sets the Sion EV’s interior apart is the dashboard area, which is filled with island moss. The company claims that it helps maintain a comfortable climate inside the car, filters the air and regulates humidity. The area in which the moss is located can be increased due to the backlight.

Sion received solar cells on almost all flat exterior surfaces. According to the developers, the battery rated at 35 kW / h when testing WLTP has a range of 255 km. In addition, they can generate up to 30 km of extra range if the car is parked under the German sun during the day.

Sono intends to sell the Sion for only 16,000 euros and plans to start production in the second half of 2020, with the goal of ultimately building 260,000 electric vehicles.