Sonic Design released acoustics for RAV4

Sonic Design released acoustics for RAV4

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

They will offer three sets called SonicPLUS, all of them differ in speakers. Each of the options will be divided into two more – the front and rear. The developers emphasize that the installation of speakers will not cause difficulties, it will be easy to dismantle it and replace it with the standard one when selling a car, if necessary.

A special feature is the original design of the SonicPLUS: the regular front speaker is replaced with a kind of broadband “woofer” with a diameter of 77 mm. It is enclosed in a rigid insulated aluminum case, which reduces distortion and allows for a higher sound quality without any additional work to improve the acoustic qualities of the car’s interior.

Speakers in the rear doors have a simpler design, but, as stated, it still substantially surpasses the staff in basic parameters.

Sonic Design will offer its development in three versions: Standard, High grade and Top grade. The company does not provide technical details about each of them, but judging by the published photos, they differ in wiring, materials and trimming of the speaker cones, and their diameter is the same in all cases. The cost, however, differs more than three times.

For example, the SP-R50E basic front-end kit is in the standard version of 61,000 yen, and in the maximum grade is 198,000. The rear is 35,000 and 131,000 yen, respectively.

Installation should not cause difficulties. New speakers are mounted to replace the staff without any modifications, and if the owner wants to keep his SonicPLUS kit when selling the car, then the standard speakers can easily be replaced.

Novelty plan to offer only in Japan.