Songsan Summer copies the classic Volkswagen T1 minibus

Songsan Summer copies the classic Volkswagen T1 minibus

September 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

One of the most original novelties at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show is a retro replica of the legendary German Volkswagen T1 minibus. It was this model that at one time became a real symbol of its era.

Chinese automaker Songsan Motors has unveiled a retro-styled minivan dubbed “Summer” at the Beijing Auto Show. This car is reminiscent of the iconic Volkswagen T1 minibus. And not just reminds, but copies. The strongest resemblance to the legendary “hippimobile” we see in the front: a pair of simple round headlights, round turn signals and an unmistakable “triangle” painted in white.

The “historical” image of the new MPV is complemented by spectacular retro-style wheels, rear sliding doors, a spare wheel and a small sunroof. The highlight of the Chinese minibus is the retractable roof that exposes the canopy. A real “summer” attribute.

The VW T1-inspired Songsan Summer interior has been wrapped in cream leather, which we see on the seats, dashboard, center console and door cards. Also, the novelty gets a virtual dashboard and multimedia with a large screen.

The second row houses a pair of captain’s seats as well as a center seat.
So, to open the four cupholders, you just need to fold it. There is also a third row of seats. According to the “celestial” media, Songsan Summer will be equipped with a 1.5-liter plug-in hybrid power unit with turbocharging.

Meanwhile, luxury car maker Hongqi has unveiled its first minivan concept at the Beijing Auto Show. The car is very compact and technologically advanced and continues Hongqi’s strategy for the civilian market.